Mission 使命

“慧通天下” “汇通天下” “惠通天下”

We endeavour to impart cutting-edge modern financial knowledge and skills as enabler to improve people’s lives.

We want to instil the sense of diversity in financing and investment mindsets and goals, the thought of social obligation of “doing well by doing good”, i.e. to accumulate wealth while contributing to social good, and the idea of using financial technology and innovation to promote and spread inclusive finance and deliver financial services to the unbanked and under-served masses.

Through knowledge transfer and thought leadership, we also endeavour to provide insights and inputs to the policy makers, finance leaders and professionals, institutional investors and family offices, to influence and steer policy design and investment decision to promote socially responsible and sustainable finance with proven methods of asset allocation and investment.

Vision 愿景

To be the private, professional learning institution of choice that imparts knowledge and skills which are of high quality and practical value to the betterment of financial sector

Values 价值观

Our core values define our enterprise culture and provide the guidance for what we deliver to our clients for every single program, assignment or task

Integrity 诚信

We believe in honesty, trust-worthy and being ethical, and that these are basic values that help us build long-term relationship with our clients

Quality 质量

We set high standards in our work, be it designing the curriculum, sourcing the faculty members or providing consultancy or thought leadership, as we believe this is the best way to build and sustain our brand in the markets

Effectiveness 效率

Ultimately, we believe whatever we do must be of practical value, and must make a constructive impact in supporting the development and empowerment of personal and/or organizational capabilities which help deliver business results


Companies We’ve Worked With

Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China
Bank Of China
China Construction Bank
Bank Of Communications
Huaxia Bank
Bank Of Hebei
spd bank

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